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Whether you want to be a podcaster, blogger, content creator or successful business owner you must start with an Entrepreneurs Mindset.

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Unlocking an Entrepreneurs Mindset

What holds us back.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires more than just business acumen; it demands a resilient mindset to address: fear of failure, self-doubt and imposter syndrome, risk aversion, perfectionism, inability to handle uncertainty, rigidity, and the effects of trauma. Anyone can unlock their full potential and acquire an entrepreneurs mindset.

The digital gold rush.

The rapid advancement of technology has birthed a new gold rush. The digital revolution is reshaping the global business landscape, with boundless reach, low barriers to entry, quick launches, and diverse revenue streams. Digital business is an enticing opportunity for anyone seeking their fortunes in “digital real estate.”

I’m claiming mine are you ready to start claiming yours?

Welcome to! I teach how to get out of your own way and start podcasting, blogging and other content creation that could lead you on a journey to freedom.

Hi! I’m James.

I’ve run non-profits, state agencies, provided consultations for major foundations and federal agencies, researched behavioral health issues and trained psychiatrist and psychologists. Now I’m putting all I’ve learned along with knowledge gained from my successful entrepreneur friends to claim some “digital real estate” and share that process with you.

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